Thursday, April 2, 2020

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Author of two Short Stories, Article of Interest, Editorials, full length Sci-fi ebooks, two poetry ebooks, and music. There are many activities that interest me. Reading is one of my first loves. When reading a book, I see a movie in my thoughts of the content that is on the pages. I take books to the laundry mat so that the time will go by with little notice. As you can see, that is one of my least favorite things to do. Designing web sites, typing on the computer, creating graphics, writing and playing music, and listening to a good live band are just a few other things besides reading the stories in the Bible. When you visit the website you will find a free eBook to download in ePub format called "Poems to the Lord Notebook". A book of poetry that will inspire and delight you. You can listen to our music for free at this address.You can write a review as well on the Review Form.  Also, contacting is easy.  Go to the Contact Form and fill out.   I look forward to hearing from you.

Here is a preview to the editorial:
What If: A Journey Into The Center of Disrupting For Disruption’s Sake
Deb CarverOwens

What if the American people got tired of all the disruptions in Congress and called for psyche evaluations on every one of the Representatives and Senators as pertains to senility with their positions commensurate on a positive outcome of these examinations or they would all be impeached while the people voted in Congress positions that the people elected could actually get along and accomplish something for this country rather than their own egos. Would the Congress delegates that are in office right now be able to tell the American people what they could and could not do? Is that what is going on now as pertains to Congress disrupting every single thing that the President does? Are those who are disrupting everything actually aware that they are doing more harm than good? or don’t they care anymore? Have they had their own way for so long that they don’t care what we, the people, think? Is there anything we can do about this if it is indeed going on? and what might that something be?

You might like to read this excerpt of the article:
Dangerous, Friendless…Homeless By
Deb CarverOwens

If overpasses could talk, how many stories could they tell? They stretch majestically across the lonely night streets. During the daylight hours they see the hustle and bustle of each day's activities. At night, what do they see? Do they see the little spiders building webs on their bracer sections? Do they happen to notice the field mice scurrying up into the cubby holes where the grass meets the cement? Do they pay attention to the people who congregate under it to live? The structure never sleeps. Little could anyone realize how deep a question to ask?

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